Cherubin Garden will be glad to assist the Guest in the Preparation of any event and their stay at Cherubin Garden to be remarkable through our various Services.

DSC_4223-1.jpg SPECIAL EVENTS (Wedding, Debut, Anniversary and others)Cherubin Garden is a Venue for celebration. Cherubin Garden can customize packages based on the Guest requirement and budget.

Kindly call us at 9848060, 3590643 or (0922)4712700 / (0939)9147120 for customize packages

DSC_0399.JPG COASTER SERVICES Cherubin Garden can also arrange transfers from the Guest’s place to Cherubin Garden and back.

Cherubin Garden has a Coaster that can accommodate 25 persons.

DSC_4420-1.jpg MB VITO RENTAL Cherubin Garden has a Van too that can accommodate 10 persons.
100_4122.JPG CATERING SERVICECherubin Garden also has an Accredited Catering Services Company for Guests events.